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We have built a race engine. It’s a 2jz-gte supra 3 liters engine and we have applied a dry sump kit.
We are actually using a peterson gerotor 3 stages pump rated at 18/20gpm (at how many rpms?)
We have a 5 gal tank in the trunk and a -16an line going to the pump and -12an line pumping oil inside the engine.
2 scavenging lines keeps the tank always at at least 2/3 of the level.
Here is the problem:
hot oil, idle 1600rpms, 28psi of oil pressure.
everything is ok so far.
Increasing the engine rpms we see an incease in flow and pressure. We are actually using evne a flow meter gauge.
Everything is ok up to about 6k rpms engine speed where we have about 117psi of pressure and 16gpm of oil flow.
At this point we have problems:
keeping the engine STEADY at 6k rpms we start to see a drop of oil pressure BUT NOT a drop in flow and this could be caused MAYBE by the increasing of oil temperature and loss of oil viscosity.
If we increase the engine rpms we have an even more accentuated loss of oil pressure but still absolutely no loss of oil flow.

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